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Local kernel debugging

Steps to test local kernel debugging:
  1. Run Windbg from the Debugging Tools (on Vista and later, make sure you run it elevated with administrative credentials if you have UAC enabled)
  2. Click on File->Kernel Debug, Click on Local tab & click OK
  3. If symbols are configured properly, a command window should open up
  4. Type "!process" at the "lkd>" prompt to make sure symbols are loaded and configured.  This should show information for the Windbg process that starts like this:
    OPTIONAL: Force the download of other kernel symbol files to your local symbol cache (typically c:\symbols) by typing ".reload /f" (if you are sure that you will have network connectivity during the class, you can skip this step and let the symbols download on demand as they are referenced during the class).

    NOTE: It is normal to get symbol loading errors for third party device drivers, as their symbols are not available on the symbol server.