Web-based software project management

The features that I compared are language (lang); latest version (ver); type of license (lic); date last reviewed (rev date); whether the tool supported custom fields (cust); templating (temp); full-text searches; RSS output; notification service (not); built-in reports (rep); change history (hist); file attachments (attach); when the tool was updated; and, lastly, whether there is a demo available.

 ToolLangVerLicRev DateCustTempSearchRSSNotRepHistAttachUpdatedDemoScoreSorted By Score In Ascending Order

Bug BaseJava1.0rc3GPL1/27/2007        9/1/2003 0

BuginPHP0.65rc1BSD/GLPL1/27/2007        3/10/2004 0

JTrackerPython1.14ZPL1/27/2007No       7/31/2006No0

Subissue  GPL1/27/2007NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo No0

WorkbenchPHP0.11GPL1/27/2007        4/18/2002No0

AnthillPerl1.1GPL1/28/2007        12/31/2002 0

GNATS 4.1 1/27/2007        3/6/2005Yes1

Zope Issue TrackerPython0.5.2ZPL1/27/2007        12/1/2003Yes1

ASP.NET Starter KitC#/VB1.0 1/27/2007

EZ TicketPHP0.01GPL1/27/2007     Yes  1/30/2004Yes2

MidgePython0.5GPL1/27/2007  Yes     4/24/2005Yes2

Zwiki TrackerPython0.51ZPL3/1/2006      Yes 3/1/2006Yes2

OpenPSA SupportPHP1.12.1GPL1/27/2007  Yes  Yes  1/1/2005Yes3

Bug-a-BooCGI1.09GPL1/27/2007 YesYes Yes   2/2/2005Yes4

FlysprayPHP0.9.9rc1 1/27/2007  Yes Yes  Yes1/27/2007Yes4

Issue TrackerPHP4.0.4 3/1/2006 Yes  Yes   12/1/2004Yes4

SugarCRMPHP4.0.1MPL3/1/2006YesYesYes     2/1/2006Yes4

phpBugTrackerPHP1.0.1GPL1/27/2007 YesYes  Yes Yes9/1/2005Yes5

WhupsPHP  1/27/2007 YesYes   YesYes Yes5

BugsPHP1.7.2MPL1/28/2007 Yes  YesYesYesYes2/6/2006No5

Bug TrackerPHP2.3GPL1/28/2007  Yes Yes  Yes1/21/2007Yes5

TracPython0.10.3BSD1/27/2007  YesYes YesYesYes2/1/2006Yes6


ITrackerJava2.4.2LGPL1/27/2007Yes Yes YesYesYesYes8/24/2004Yes7

OTRSPerl2.1.4GPL1/27/2007 YesYes Yes YesYes12/14/2006Yes7

RoundupPython1.3.2Python1/27/2007YesYesYes Yes YesYes3/1/2006Yes7



PloneCollector-NGPython1.2.9LGPL1/27/2007Yes YesYesYesYesYesYes12/1/2005Yes8


Request TrackerPerl3.6.3 1/27/2007YesYesYesYesYes YesYes12/21/2006Yes9


If a cell is blank, the feature has been neither confirmed nor denied. Positive or desired responses have also been highlighted. The score accounts for the number of desired responses.

After the first run-through, I got down to the top 7 (in scoring order): Roundup, ITracker, TracOTRS, phpBugTracker, BugTracker.NET, and Whups. A lot more results than I wanted, but oh well. Of course, what'd I happen to do but find a few more trackers, so now I need to take a look at them before moving on: Bug Base, BugIn, BugTracker, IssueZilla, Jitterbug, sBugs, and Workbench. Great. Just what I wanted... more tools