Scripting & Gameplay

This user manual overviews the powerful scripting tools and systems provided  for the Visual3D Game Engine.  
It provides an overview of the user interface and key features of those tools, clarifies the when and how they should be used, and links to further information and tutorials about them.  This document also defines the different types of assets you can create and wire-up using Visual3D's All-in-One Development Tool to design and script the gameplay, animation, AI and interactivity for your Visual3D-powered game or virtual world. 

This manual, and the documents linked to from the titles of its different sections, describes the soon-to-be-released Behavior Tree Editor and support for creating and wiring up Smart Objects and Area State, as well as existing tools such as Visual3D's built-in Script Editor (for Python), Visual Script Editor (for behavior and game logic diagrams / graphs), Dialog Editor (for conversations), Cinematics Editor (for recorded and scripted sequences), and Path Editor (for waypoints and pathfinding AI).   


Run Behaviors and Actions on various Events by means of Triggers (NEW!)

This manual and tutorial covers the following topics on how to trigger actions and script behaviors using Visual3D's built-in Script Editor and other scripting tools.


Actions and Behaviors: Basic Building Blocks for Scripts

Actions and Behaviors are the most basis building blocks for a script.   For example, StartBehavior and StopBehavior are two types of actions which can be added to a Behavior Tree (State Machine / Sequence), Trigger (Event-Triggered Action Sequence), Cinematics Sequence, or Visual Script (Diagram) to start and stop more complex "Behavior Scripts", which can be written in C#, Python, or another .NET language, using Visual Studio or Visual3D's built-in Script Editor.



Behavior Tree Editor for State Machines and Sequences

Tutorial coming soon for the new Behavior Tree Editor available with the upcoming v0.9.7 release of the Visual3D Game Engine.


Visual Script Editor for Game Logic and Behavior Diagrams

At the moment by means of Visual Script Editor it is possible to create scripts which can be established game entity as behavior or as reaction to user input (as task).


Conversation Editor (NEW!)

Cinematics Editor for Recording and Scripting Sequences


Path Editor for Waypoints and Pathfinding AI