SDL installation on Visual studio 2005

  • Explains the method of using SDL on Visual Studio.
    Specifically sets the include path and library path.
    • In the beginning, create the Win32 console application project that uses SDL, then define SDL_Init() inside the main().SDL_Init() has include and SDL functions.


add a postscript #include <SDL.h> and SDL_Init(0).S

  • Download and upzip SDL_devel.zip. This time place it in the project folder.


Place the SDL_devel in project folder

  • add SDL_devel\include in "add" -> "Include directory".


  • Add SDL_devel\lib "Add" -> "Library directory".


  • Add SDL.lib SDLmain.lib by "Add existing file".


  • After that, press F5 to build.
    • There is chances of getting error message 「Program cannot be executed because there is no SDL.dll」. This error can be solved by placing the SDL.dll in the same folder of execution file. SDL.dll will be SDL_devel\lib.

Boost installation on Visual studio

  • Boost Consulting Company is distrubuting Boost installer for Visual Studio for free of cost.


Execution screen of installer

  • By executing the installer, the installation and the setting can be done according to the instruction.


Please specify g++ while installing MinGW


Check g++

Install SDL on MinGW

  • Download and compile SDL-1.2.XX.tar.gz from a href="http://www.libsdl.org">SDL site
    $ tar zxvf SDL-1.2.XX.tar.gz 
    $ cd SDL-1.2.XX/
    $ ./configure --prefix=/mingw && make
    $ make install

    $ tar zxvf SDL_net-1.2.X.tar.gz
    $ cd SDL_net-1.2.X/
    $ ./configure --prefix=/mingw && make
    $ make install
    Moreover,SDL.dll is necessary to execute the compiled file from MinGW. SDL.dll will be in MinGW/bin/.

Install Boost on MinGW

  • Download and compile the file boost-1.34.x from Boost site

$ tar zxvf boost_1_34_X.tar.gz
$ cd boost_1_34_X/
$ configure && make
$ bjam.exe -sTOOLS=mingw --prefix=/mingw install

$ cd /mingw/include/
$ mv boost_1_34_X/boost boost


QT is a cross-platform application development framework, widely used for the development of GUI programs.QT is a product of Trolltech company.

In URG programming guide, QT is used to create an sample application.
Therefore, QT is necessary to build application from the sample source code. Moreover, Boost library is also used in sample application. please refer Install Boost on MinGW to install Boost .

QT Installation

QT has commercial version and Open source version. Here installation method using Open source is explained.
GPL license is applied to those application created using Open Source version.

  • download package
  • Install Package
    • After the user agrees to the license article, installation procedure can be advanced by go on clicking the Next button.


Image of installer

  • However, While installing even MinGW, please check "Download and install minimal MinGW installation." as in this image.


While installing even MinGW.

Example of compling the QT project.

After QT is installed, move to project folder and execute qmake && make to complete compilation.

Compilation example

% ls *.pro             # Check if project file exists or not?
% qmake
% make
/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.4.0/bin/uic UrgViewerWindowForm.ui -o ui_UrgViewerWindowForm.h
...(The compilation message is omitted.)...
g++ -Wl,(omission) -lpthread

In case of Windows environment, according to installation method

  There is possibility of error
make[1]: C:Qt4.4.3bin/moc.exe: Command not found

This problem can be solved by replacing \ with / in path specification of moc.exe in Makefile.Release.

Before correction

	C:\Qt\4.4.3\bin/moc.exe (Omitted) 

After correction

	C:/Qt/4.4.3/bin/moc.exe (omitted) 

Execution and Distribution of Qt program

  • DLL of QT is necessary to execute the programs that are compiled in QT. Please refer FAQ of QT for more details.

Tool that record and reproduce URG data

Application to record and reproduce URG data

  • Application that can record and reproduce URG data.
  • Can be used as a normal data display tool


example: displays environment.

  • How to use
    • Either compile from source or download only necessary files and store everything in same folder.
    • Specify as operation mode in command line option during execution.
      • Data can be recorded by adding -r(record)
        ./UrgDrawWidget -r

      • Most recently stored data can be reproduce by adding -p (playback)
        ./UrgDrawWidget -p

  • How to compile
    • Install QT and execute qmake, make.

  • Dependent library
    • Windows, Linux, Mac
      • Qt (>= 4.4.0)

  • Meaning of log file.
    • Transmitted and received data with time stamp. Data can be reproduce if the order of function call during reproduction is same as that of recording.
    • stripTimingData.rb ... Ruby script that converts each data of transmission and reception.
      % ruby stripTimingData.rb mConnection_0.log

      !!! mConnection_0_send.txt mConnection_0_recv.txt is generated.