Verify Ownership of Gadget

Acquiring a shared secret

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Google secures communication between our gadget containers (like iGoogle and orkut) and your servers by signing and verifying requests using OAuth.
In order to set up this secure communication channel, you need to register your app below and obtain a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret for use in OAuth parameter signing

You have successfully verified ownership of your gadget. You can now access the OAuth Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Google uses to sign outgoing calls to your servers.
The same key is used to verify the OAuth signatures of OpenSocial REST & JSON-RPC calls from your servers to Google containers.

OAuth Consumer Key:  738707506611

OAuth Consumer Secret:  TEAkukURVwcKlBV7YWiKMwQP

Note: The Consumer Key used by different containers will be of the form <container domain>:<consumer key>