Carnegie Mellon University and many others have developed dialog systems using Olympus. The tables below gives information about the systems developed at Carnegie Mellon University.

Example Systems

Name Description Developers
RoomLine Provided support for conference room scheduling and reservations within the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Dan Bohus, Benjamin Frisch
Madeleine Written language (text I/O) spoken dialog system for medical diagnosis (toy domain) Dan Bohus, Benjamin Frisch
MeetingLine Telephone-based system intended to provide access to recorded meeting information. Dan Bohus, Benjamin Frisch, Satanjeev Banerjee

Actively Developed Systems

Name Description Developers
Let's Go! Bus Information System Provides access to bus route information in the greater Pittsburgh area.
Phone Number: (412) 268-3526
Antoine Raux, Dan Bohus, Brian Langner, Alan Black, Maxine Eskenazi
TeamTalk Spoken language command-and-control interface to a team of robots Thomas Harris, Aasish Pappu, Peng Li, Benjamin Frisch, Matthew Marge
June Sison, Satanjeev Banerjee, S.P.Kishore, Kerry Bodine, Dan Bohus

Olympus 1.0 Systems

Name Description Developers
ConQuest Telephone-based system that provides conference schedule information (deployed during Interspeech 2006 and IJCAI 2007) Rohit Kumar, Dan Bohus, Gopala Krishna, Venkatesh Keri, Sergio Grau Puerto, Stefanie Tomko, Antoine Raux
Intelligent Procedure Assistant Multi-modal spoken dialogue system aimed at providing guidance and support to the astronauts on the ISS during the execution of procedural tasks and checklists RIALIST group/NASA Ames, Greg Aist, Dan Bohus
LARRI Multi-modal system that provides assistance to F18 aircraft personnel during the execution of maintenance tasks Dan Bohus, Yitao Sun, Kayur Patel, Ananlada Chotimongkol
Sublime PDA-based personal information management system. Jahanzeb Sherwani
Vera Telephone-based taskable agent that can be instructed to deliver messages to a third party and make wake-up calls. Ulas Bardak, Scott Judy, Vasco Pedro, Tal Blum, Jeongwoo Ko, Ryosuke Miyata