CMU Olympus

Required Prequisites

Type of Requirement Tested Versions Recommend Version
Operating System Microsoft Windows xp/Vista/7
Contact Benjamin Frisch for Linux port progress information.
Windows xp
Source Control Subversion 1.4 or Newer TortoiseSVN 1.5 or Newer
Perl 5 Perl 5.8 or Higher with the Win32::API Perl Module ActiveState's ActivePerl 5.8 or Newer with Win32::API Perl Module
Java Sun's Java JDK SE 6 or Newer Sun's Java SE Development Kit 6 Update 13 or Newer
Apache ANT Version 1.7.1 or Newer Sun's NetBeans 6.5 Java SE Edition or Higher (Includes ANT)
Compiler Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 with Service Pack 1 with original Windows SDK or Newer. The free (beer) Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition also works except for KalliopeSAPI[1] Visual Studio 2008 SP1 with the Windows 7 SDK
Project Generation Kitware's CMake 2.6 or Higher Kitware's CMake 2.6
Text-To-Speech Microsoft's Speech API, Cepstral's Swift, or CMU's Flite Mircrosoft's Speech API through the Windows 7 SDK

Downloading and Building

  1. Please read the licensing agreement, and download and install any prerequisites you might need.
  2. Checkout the latest version of the full source code for Olympus is via Subversion checkout.
  3. Execute the Perl file, which can be found in the root Olympus directory. This will build all the core Olympus agents and libraries and define the environment variable OLYMPUS_ROOT to contain the path to the Olympus directory.
  4. Download either the tutorials, which can be found on the Documentation page, or checkout an example system.
  5. Build the system by running it's "" build script, which is in the root of branch of the example system that is identical to your Olympus branch.


To start an Olympus system:

  1. Execute SystemRun.bat in the branch of the example system or system that matches your Olympus branch.
  2. Click "TTYRecognitionServer" and then type init_session in the input box.
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