Change Theme

Starting from version 2.4, user can customize the toolbar icons by using toolbarIcons.xml. The aim of this xml file is to indicate the path of icons that you want to use in order to override the default icons offered by Notepad++. It should be located in the %APPDATA%\Notepad++ directory in order to take effect.

Here's the structure of toolbarIcons.xml :

There're 20 items in the toolbar of Notepad++, so there're 20 tags Icon present in the toolbarIcons.xml file. As you can see, each tag Icon has its own name and its id. The name is used as an indication, in order that you know which icon you're modifying. Whereas the id is the essential element for the program, so don't mess around with the value of id!

To customize the toolbar icons, you should give the path where locate your icons 1, and the name of your icons 2. If you give nothing 3, this item will be ignored (ie. the default icons of Notepad++).

Each item contains at least 2 icons : the default (normal) icon and hovered icon. For some items, there's the 3ird "disabled" icon. However you can associate only one icon file with the normal icon, with the hovered icon and with the disabled icon. In this case, there will be no effect in both situations : when your mouse hovers on the item and when the item is disabled.

Don't forget to check the menu item "View->Tool Bar->Enlarge me", otherwise it won't take effect.

You can download Notepad++ Theme Demo Package. Please read "readme.txt" which comes with the package for the information of installation.

Chandan Datta,
Aug 1, 2009, 6:09 AM