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Record TeamViewer sessions

To record a session:

Step 1: Launch TeamViewer and get access to a remote machine.

Step 2: When the session is in progress, click Extras > Record > Start button to begin recording the session. Once done, click Stop button (go to Extras > Record > Stop) to end the recording and save the file in a desired location. As we mentioned earlier, TeamViewer saves the video file in .tvs format.

Record Session In TeamViewer Picture2Record Session In TeamViewer

To convert the video file from .tvs to .avi format follow the next two steps:

Step 1: Run TeamViewer software. In the main screen, click Extras > Play or convert recorded session option to browse to the location of the recorded file. Select the video file and click Open button.

Record Session In TeamViewer Picture4

Step 2: Once the video file starts playing in TeamViewer, click Convert button to see options to select the target file location. Here, you will also see options to select the codec type and resolution for the AVI video file. If you are not sure which codec and resolution to choose, go ahead with default settings.

Record Session In TeamViewer Picture5

Record Session In TeamViewer Picture6

Once done, click Convert button to start converting the selected video file from .tvs to .avi format. Depending on the duration of the session, selected codec and resolution the conversion process may take a few minutes to hours.

Record Session In TeamViewer Picture43JPG

The .avi file then can be played in any of the popular media player software.

To automatically record all sessions:

An option is also available to automatically record all your sessions. To enable this feature:

a. Open TeamViewer main screen.

b. Navigate to Extras, Options  and then Remote Control.

c. Enable Auto record remote control sessions option.

Record Session In TeamViewer Picture7